As an MFA student, I spend a lot of time writing, even when I’m not in actual writing classes.  Even though most people don’t realize it, we write every day, whether it is an e-mail to coworkers, a blog post, a list, or a letter.  Here I hope to have a collection of posts about writing: pieces that inspire me, samples of my own work, and even some of the trials and tribulations of writing.

Do We Really Need a ‘Netflix for Books’? : My musings on the advent of Netflix-esque style services for books and why they aren’t necessarily as good as they sound.

Ebola in My Backyard : Thoughts on the 2014 Ebola epidemic and what it means now that two Ebola patients are being treated in Atlanta.

Routine: Thoughts on why routines are so comforting, but so hard to establish.

Nightly News: Taking a look at why we like our local news to be so scary.

Back to School: Thoughts on the excitement and potential that new school years bring, and how to recapture that once school is out forever.

On the State of Things Lately: Thoughts on the recent protests and controversy surrounding the Mike Brown & Eric Garner cases.

Sundays Unplugged: Ruminating on routines and unplugging from technology during the week.

Women’s Colleges Still Matter: Looking at the announcement of Sweet Briar College’s closing, and why Women’s Colleges are still important in the world of higher education.

Springing Forward: Thoughts on the new spring season, and my newfound appreciation for it.

Happy Anniversary: Looking at and reflecting on three years in one of the best cities in the United States, Chicago.

On Being Intentional With My Time: Relearning how to manage my time and create routines.


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