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100 Happy Days: a challenge I participated in, in which I posted one thing everyday that made me happy, no matter how big or small.
Day One: 100 Happy Days
Day Two: Americanah

Day Three: Corgi Cuddles
Day Four: A Midweek Macchiato Treat
Day Five: Chicago
Days Six, Seven, & Eight: Pizza, Candles, & Docs
Day Nine: U2
Day Ten: It’s Finally Warm(ish)!
Day Eleven: Putzing Around Lincoln Park
Day Twelve: Enjoying the Light
Day Thirteen: Comfort Food
Day Fourteen: Treat Yo Self (at Ulta)
Day Fifteen: Birchbox Unboxing!
Day Sixteen: A Snoozy Puppy
Days Seventeen – Twenty One: Working Towards Break
Day Twenty Two: Hooked on Phonics
Days 23, 24 & 25: All About Vacation
Day 26: Shop Till You Drop
Day 27: Painting Corgi Silhouettes 
Day 28: Relaxing Night Cap
Day 29: Baseball is Back
Day 30: Lake Love
Day 31: Julep Maven Unboxing
Day 32: Back At It
Day 33: Travel Writing
Day 34: Rainy Day Comfort Food
Day 35: Cookie Dough Coffee
Day 36: Buffalo Chicken Hand Pies
Day 37: Guilty Pleasure Shows
Day 38: Study Buddy
Day 39: Horizons
Day 40: It’s Frozen Yogurt Season
Day 41: Grocery Shopping in my PJs
Day 42: My First Ipsy Bag
Day 43: The Blooms are Back
Day 44: Rainy Sunday Afternoon
Day 45: A Easter Basket from Mom
Day 46: A Corgi in my Chair
Day 47: My April Birchbox Unboxing
Day 48: Touching Down in Atlanta
Day 49: The Beagle is Back
Day 50: Decatur
Day 51: A Beautiful Easter
Day 52: Revolution Doughnuts
Day 53: Competitive Cooking Obsession
Day 54: Wanderlust
Day 55: Graze
Days 56, 57, 58: A Three Day Craft Project
Day 59: Mint Mani Monday
Day 60: Stormy Skies
Day 61: Happy Hour
Day 62: Another Ulta Haul 
Day 63: A Beagle With a Birthday
Day 64: The Sun is Finally Back
Day 65: Unintentional Video Game Day
Day 66: Tulips Everywhere
Day 67: Shakespeare Garden
Day 68: Finally Bare Legs Weather
Day 69: Heat Wave
Day 70: My Parents’ First FaceTime
Day 71: College Nostalgia
Day 72: Super Stormy Sunday
Day 73: A Mini Mani for Monday
Day 74: Happy Trails to Myself
Day 75: Mug Brownie Night
Day 76: My May Ipsy Unboxing
Day 77: A Monster Movie & Dinner Date Night
Day 78: It’s Iced Chai Weather
Day 79: A Trip to Trader Joe’s
Day 80: Corgi Contortions
Day 81: Food Truck Lunch
Day 82: Another Perfect Day
Day 83: Phone Case of the Month
Day 84: Caffeinated Corgi
Day 85: X-Men Movie Date
Day 86: Lake for Days
Day 87: Simple Pleasures
Day 88: Storms on the Horizon
Day 89: Unexpected Sources of Encouragement
Day 90: Corgi Head Holder
Day 91: Cookie Butter Life
Day 92: Spritz Burger
Day 93: Another Hidden Spot
Day 94: People Watching
Day 95: My Corgi has a Drinking Problem
Day 96: Chocolate Chips…Literally
Day 97: Birchbox Goodies
Day 98: Spa Night at Home
Day 99: Orange is the New Black
Day 100: Downtown Afternoons
A Look Back at 100 Happy Days

Day 1: A Beautiful City
Day 2: A Little Easter Treat
Day 3: Reading For Fun
Day 4: Revisiting Familiar Places
Day 5: A Beautiful Easter
Day 6: Edits & Tea
Day 7: Birchbox Day!
Day 8: Storms Are Coming
Day 9: Travel Planning
Day 10: The Boys of Summer are Back
Day 11: Lazy Saturday
Day 12: First Signs of Spring
Day 13: The Book of Embraces
Day 14: Bubble Toes
Day 15: An Office with a View

Three Things: a series in which I recap three things from the previous week which I enjoyed, or impacted me in some way.

September 2014:
September 7, 2014
September 14, 2014
September 21, 2014
September 28, 2014

October 2014:
October 5, 2014
October 12, 2014
October 26, 2014

January 2015:
January 11, 2015

What I Liked: a monthly series in which I recap a handful of my favorite things each month.


What I liked in January

What I Liked in June

What I Liked in July 

What I Liked in August

What I Liked in September

What I Liked In October

What I Liked in November

What I Liked in December + So Long to 2014


What I Liked In February

What I liked in March

Food Adventures: a handful of posts in which I shared some of my favorite recipes

Buffalo Cheddar Jack Mac

Buffalo Chicken Hand Pies

Feast Friday:
Gorgonzola & Bacon Pizza
Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Pumpkin Ravioli with a Brown Butter Sauce, Lemon Parmesan Broccoli, and Roasted Potatoes


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