What I Liked in November

IMG_0640_FotorI feel like I say this every month, but I am seriously in shock that another month has passed.  It feels like November just began, and yet here we are on the 4th of December.  My days of the week and month are hopelessly messed up at the moment from traveling over Thanksgiving, and I don’t think I have fully adjusted to the fact that it is December.  This year, more than any other I can recall, truly feels like it has flown by.  I am so excited to be officially in the holiday season.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite time of year.  Everything just seems so much more magical and special.  It can be a time when things really speed up, but also a time to slow down and decompress, spend time with family and friends.  I am very much looking forward to getting work out of the way over the next week so I can really enjoy the season.  There is a lot to look forward to, but a lot of great things happened in November.  These are just a few of my favorites.

giving thanks // I was lucky enough to fly home for a week and spend Thanksgiving with my family.  That is time I will always treasure, no matter how old I get.  We are a low key bunch, and Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember has consisted of watching the Macy’s parade, followed by the dog show, and a low-key Thanksgiving lunch with all the fixings.  It was just my parents, my sister, my uncle, and myself at dinner this year, but it was such a lovely afternoon.

thesis writing // while it’s true that on any given day, I might tell you I don’t like writing my thesis, this month I felt like I saw a glimmer of things falling into place.  There is much work to do, and a long way to go, but it is so gratifying to feel like there is structure poking it’s way through the chaotic mess of words on the page.

the unspeakable // Meghan Daum’s latest collection of essays, The Unspeakable, came out this month.  I haven’t finished it yet, but I have been enjoying this book immensely.  It is a lot about bridging the gap between how we feel, and how we think we “should” feel.  It’s been great thesis inspiration, and just a fun, relatable read.  If you don’t know Meghan Daum’s work, check out the piece she wrote for the New York Times earlier in November.

serial // after seeing many people on my social media feeds talking about Serial and Adnan Syed, I had to check it out for myself.  Serial is a free podcast you can download on iTunes from This American Life.  Told by Sarah Koenig, Serial follows one nonfiction story from start to finish.  In this case, it is looking at the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and wondering if the man convicted of her murder, Adnan Syed, is actually guilty.  It is told so beautifully and captivatingly and is a testament to how immersive nonfiction can be.  I have been savoring every episode thus far.

comfy cozy // it has been so cold here in Chicago and I have become all about the comfy, cozy lifestyle.  This month I have been obsessed with the shearling lined flipflops my mom sent me (they are just as lavish as they sound), oversized sweaters, and super soft flannel shirts.  If I have to be bundled up against the sub-freezing windchill, I might as well enjoy it.

shark tank // oh. my. goodness.  How did I now know about this show before now? This month, I have binge watched nearly five seasons of the show Shark Tank.  It is a reality show on ABC where inventors and entrepreneurs bring their products and ideas to the sharks – a panel of five investors – and make pitches to get a cash investment.  I love seeing some of the creative, wacky, and downright strange things people come up with, and hearing the sharks talk about the business side of things is oddly fascinating.  Is that weird? Probably.

silent hill // this month I finally beat a video game I have been playing since August.  Mr. Man really likes the Silent Hill games, which are a series of horror puzzle games for Playstation.  It’s silly, but I actually really loved playing this game, and seeing what Mr. Man enjoys about the franchise.  Even though it scared the pants off me at times, I feel like I actually accomplished something.

t-swizzle // she’s made another monthly favorites.  I seriously don’t think I listened to anything but Taylor Swift’s new album 1989.  It is just so good, and one of the few albums I own that I enjoy every song on.  It’s been the perfect compliment for long train rides around the city and for singing in the shower.

job hunting // “liking” job hunting may be a stretch, but after months of essentially giving up because of a lack of job postings that I could apply to, this month renewed my hope that I might find something, and soon.  Lots of companies that I would love to work for are hiring, and I sent off lots of hopeful resumes, cover letters, and good vibes this month.

advent // it is finally here, the season of Advent and preparing for Christmas.  I’ve loved watching lights go up, seeing the tree and Christmas market in downtown Chicago, and finally getting to enjoy some festive music.  It is such a special time, and I’m looking forward to enjoying it even more during December.

What were your favorite things in November?




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