Lip Monthly September 2014 Unboxing

I’m taking a little break from Feast Friday this week.  Honestly, I just haven’t felt like cooking much lately for some reason, and when I have cooked this week it hasn’t been anything inspiring or share-worthy.  So instead, I am bringing you my September 2014 Lip Monthly unboxing.  You might remember that I did an unboxing / first impressions post about this relatively new subscription service back in August.  I was on the fence about the company and that is definitely still the case.  I’ll get into all of that at the end of the post.  First, the current month’s bag.  It is almost October, but I did just receive this in the mail yesterday.  Apparently there was an issue with my bag’s tracking number originally, so Lip Monthly had to ship me out a second one earlier this week.

Notice anything odd about this picture? Yes, Lip Monthly is, as their name indicates, a lip product oriented subscription.  So then why are there only three lip products in this month’s bag? Yes, there are three, though at first glance you might think there are only two.  Not gonna lie, it’s a huge letdown to be told you’re going to get a bag with 5 lip products, only to open it and see this.

There was no theme this month, and it came in the exact same bag as last month.  Honestly, I’d rather it come in a box.  This bag went straight in the trash because I don’t need two identical makeup bags, and I certainly don’t need two that are so heavily  branded.  I can recycle a cardboard box, but not a vinyl bag.  It looks like Lip Monthly is also rolling out a points program.  The product card that came in the bag says that this is the first month for their points program.  It looks like right now you can only earn points by referring friends or sending Lip Monthly links to YouTube reviews of the bag that you make.

So the first product in the bag is pur-lisse moisturizer.  This went straight in the trash.  I’ve gotten two of these in Ipsy bags and this moisturizer is greasy and clogs pores.  The product card lists this .5 ounce bottle as being worth $18.  At first I thought this had to be a mistake, but the full-size is 1.7 ounces and retails for $55.  Can you say over priced product?

Next is a Cherimoya Retractable Eye & Lip Pencil in Latte.  This is a waterproof eye and lip pencil, according to the product card.  It is in a light brown color, so that doesn’t strike me as being viable for lip lining.  Also telling, on the Cherimoya website, this product is listed solely as an eye pencil.  I’ll probably use this, just because it is a color that I like for eyeliner, especially the waterline, but I think Lip Monthly is being a bit misleading calling this a lip pencil.  This is full-size and retails for $4.

Next is another product from the same brand.  This is a Cherimoya Lip Crayon in Fig.  This reminds me of the Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Crayons.  The Cherimoya crayon is supposed to be matte and moisturizing.  Fig is a really pretty fuchsia color.  I was expecting is to be more berry colored, but it is super bright.  It’s not what I’d call a “fall” color, but it is very pretty, and this crayon is easy to apply and feels great on.  Plus, it is very long lasting.  I had it on for about 6 hours before I really noticed it fading.  I will definitely be putting this to use.  It is full-size and retails for $8.

The next product is the final lip product this month and it is an Eco Lips Lip Balm in Strawberry Kiwi.  This is essentially a chapstick, but it is eco-friendly, made with all natural, fair trade products.  There is nothing super special about this product, and I do love chapsticks and lip balms, but this is really unexciting and not what I would expect from a bag that brands itself as being about lip color trends.  This is full-size and retails for $3.49.

The final product is a Julie G Nail Polish in Romeo.  Julie G is part of the Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics line.  I am curious to try this polish because I know people who rave about these inexpensive drug store polishes.  Romeo is a hot coral color, again not great for fall.  This is a very bright, summery color, that was part of the “Perfect Pair” collection they released for Valentine’s Day this year, I believe.  It is full-size and retails for $4.

So that is everything from the September 2014 Lip Monthly bag.  Overall, I am super disappointed in this subscription service.  I really want to like it, because I think it’s a great concept to focus in on just lip products, but the Lip Monthly company has some serious flaws in their business plan.  Here are just a couple of the things I’ve had issues with in the two months I subscribed to Lip Monthly:

1. Billing: This one irks me the most.  I signed up for Lip Monthly towards the end of July.  I can’t remember the exact date, but it was somewhere between the 15th and 20th.  Like most subscription services, I was billed the day I signed up for my first bag, which was for August.  I assumed -and found nothing on the Lip Monthly website to debunk this assumption- that after the first month, billing would move to the first of the month, i.e. that I would be billed for September’s bag on September 1st.  Instead, I was billed on August 15th, which happened to be a day after I cancelled my subscription, since I just wasn’t feeling August’s bag.  I contacted customer service about this.  For starters, it took them two weeks -14 days- to respond, which is unacceptable when it comes to questions about billing.  I was finally told that they bill a month in advance.  I was also told that even though I had cancelled my subscription, it hadn’t been enough time for the system to process, and no they could not refund me (very suspicious), hence my receipt of a September bag.

2. Product variety: There is just such a lack of product variety.  In August, the bag was almost entirely composed of City Color Cosmetics products.  This month, two products from Cherimoya.  It just strikes me as strange, and makes me wonder what kind of deals they are making with companies for excess stock.  There was also a Jesse’s Girl product in the August and September bags.  Also, these colors are not exactly what I would call “on trend,” as Lip Monthly advertises.  The product card for September was all about fall, but the colors scream spring and summer, which leads me to believe that they just bought these companies over stocked products from earlier in the year.

3. Deceitful advertising: This is really specific to September’s bag, but it really irks me that they advertised this as a lip product only subscription, and there are only three lip products in the bag, and one is marginal.  If you want to include non-lip products, that’s fine, but don’t market yourself as a lip product service.  I also don’t like that they tried to pass an eyeliner off as a lip liner.  It just smacks of bad business practice, and makes me wonder again just how they are getting these products.

Overall for me, the problems outweigh the perks, so I cancelled my subscription.   I feel like my $10/month is better spent just picking up one or two drugstore lip products than on this service.  It’s convenient, and in theory a great way to stay on trend and get out of your comfort zone, but Lip Monthly simply has not delivered.  I don’t like the idea of funding a business that has a few sketchy seeming business practices.  I am really curious to see what other people think about this service? Am I being too hard on them? Have you had similar problems.  Let me know down in the comments.


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