What I’m Loving Right Now

Sometimes, it is really about stopping to take in the little things.  I am trying to take more notice of the little things that are making me happy right now.  These things may not have any long term effects; they may be fleeting moments, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t special.

What is making me happy right now is my little work nook.  We have two couches in our apartment.  Technically, they fit together to make a big sectional, but our living room is too narrow to make it fit.  So we have one couch close to the TV that we sit on all the time, and one in the back of the room that rarely gets used.  I’ve taken to setting up on this couch to do work.  It feels cozy and secluded, the perfect spot for doing a little writing and doing a little research (today I’m learning all about the origins of secrets).   Setting up camp here with my notebook, a cold drink (I’ve been loving Trader Joe’s spicy chai tea latte mix), and a snack (frozen grapes) makes it feel less like work.  I’m also loving the effect that adding a few fresh blooms to the room is having.  I picked up the cheapest bouquet of flowers from Trader Joe’s last night and they just make the room seem more lively and fresh. They are an instant mood booster – how can you not feel content looking at the gorgeous colors?

What are you loving right now?


One thought on “What I’m Loving Right Now

  1. Since having my daughter I have really taken a notice to the small things lately. I love the little smile I receive from her every morning.

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