Day 76: My May Ipsy Unboxing!

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 4.21.52 PM
This morning my mailman brought me my May Ipsy bag.  If you remember from last month’s post, this is only my second Ipsy Glam Bag.  I signed up because I’m always hearing Ipsy compared to Birchbox and I wanted to check out the differences for myself.  I was pretty…meh…on April’s bag, but May’s bag really changed my mind, which I will get into at the end of the post after all the goodies.

So I’m sure you all know, but here is the spiel anyways: Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that costs $10.  You sign up, take a beauty quiz, and Ipsy sends you 4-5 beauty products in a cute makeup bag based on your profile, your likes, dislikes.  The products range from makeup to skin care to hair care to tools and can be anywhere from sample size, to deluxe sample size, to full size.  They do a mix of higher end or prestige brands and drug store finds.  Then you can try the products and review them on the Ipsy site and earn Ipsy points that you can redeem for select full size products.  (Honeslty, their point system and the redemption is whack.  Don’t do it for the points.)  If you are interested and want to check it out, you can click here for more info.

On to the goodies! I’m pretty excited about this unboxing (unbagging?) because the mailman came early today and I got to try some of the products out as I was getting ready.  Usually I get my mail late in the day and I’m already ready for the day.   Each month has a different theme and May’s theme is “Fresh Picks.”  Most of the products I’ve seen are really eco-friendly, organic, cruelty-free, which is awesome.   So like last month, I went in being more excited about the bag my samples were coming in than the products themselves because I love little makeup bags and I’m apparently too lazy to just go buy some travel makeup bags.  This month’s bag is really cute.  It’s an oatmeal colored canvas bag with lime green leaves and vines on the front.  Very cute, very eco.

The first item in my bag is Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50 sunscreen.  The packaging is really cute.  Good sunscreen is hard to find.  You either smell like a tropical cocktail or like you belong in a geriatric center.  I burn so easily, even when I’m wearing an SPF 30, so this could be a really good everyday sunscreen for me.  It’s very lightweight and not greasy and it doesn’t really smell.  It just has a clean, lightly fruity scent to it.  I also noticed on the back of the tube that it says the company is powered by COOLA, who make my favorite combination BB cream and sunscreen for the face, so that’s cool.

The next item in my bag is Balanced Guru No Frizz Hair Oil.  When I opened the pink bubble mailer that my bag came in, I noticed a smell and it was this product.  In the bottle it smells really strongly of Eucalyptus.  This is a sesame and lemongrass hair oil that is supposed to smooth and nourish your hair even in high humidity.  I used some of this today because I just wanted to braid my hair and not really deal with it.  I only use hair oil when I want to braid my hair because my hair is really curly and thick and frizzy and without hair oil it can be hard to manage in a braid.  I have another that I really like already and that smells amazing, so I was a bit…hesitant to try this one.  The Eucalyptus is really overpowering in the bottle and  I didn’t want that smell on my head all day.  I noticed though that once I got the product in my hair and warmed up, the lemongrass became the more pronounced scent, which I’m OK with.  The smell also dissipated really quick, which was good.  It also has a nice dropper cap so it’s easy to control how much product you get.

Next up is pur-lisse pur-moist hydra balance moisturizer.  I’m always on the lookout for a good face moisturizer.  A lot of moisturizers are too heavy and break me out and gunk up my pores.  My all time favorite face moisturizer is by Juice Beauty but lately I’ve just been using Charity Pot lotion by LUSH.  This product smells really light and clean, really refreshing.  It doesn’t take a lot of product and my face feels really soft and smooth and not tight or oily.  I hate when moisturizers make your face feel tight.  I’m going to keep using it to see if I have an issues with breakouts, but it says it’s a gentle formula.

Then I got Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Face Mask. This smells amazing.  I’ve never actually used a face mask before, so I’m kind of nervous to try this.  I’ve heard horror stories, but this says it’s for sensitive skin, so hopefully it’ll be okay.  I also like that Ipsy gave me a moisturizer and a mask because I know moisturizing is an important before and after step for using a face mask.

The last product in my bag is Pacifica Eye Shadow Duo #2.  It’s one pan with two colors.  I got a matte or satin purple eggplant shade and a shimmery, pearly white.  These are really pretty colors, very subtle.  The purple isn’t too dark and the white takes on a metallic gold color on my skin.  I was really happy to get this duo.  The other Pacifica duo that Ipsy sent out was two bronzy browns and I’m set in the brown eyeshadow department.  Plus, I have green eyes and purple shadows look amazing with green eyes.

So that is my May Ipsy bag.  Overall, I was really, really impressed with this month’s bag.  I’ve seen a lot of videos and unboxings where people talked about being disappointed because their bags were all skin or hair care and not makeup, but I like it.  My take on skin care has always been that it’s the first step to good makeup.  If you don’t take care of your skin, makeup isn’t going to hide that, it’s going to exaggerate that.  I’d much rather try out and search for my holy grail skin care products so that I don’t have to wear a full face of makeup everyday.  I have never worn foundation or anything like that and I’ve never felt the need to because I try to take really good care of my skin.  I’ll get off my soap box now, but that’s how I feel about it and why I was really happy with this month’s Glam Bag.  After April, I was definitely thinking about canceling Ipsy, but the May bag impressed me so much that I’m going to stick with it for a couple more months I think.  I will be curious to compare this month’s Ipsy bag with my May Birchbox when it arrives because I feel like this bag is more on par with what I would typically get from Birchbox.


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