Day 41: Grocery Shopping in my PJs

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 5.18.39 AMAnd no, I didn’t leave the house in my jammies.  Here in Chicago we have this awesome service called Peapod.  It’s an online grocer that delivers right to your door all the awesome things you could get at your neighborhood market.  I use this service a lot and it never fails to put a smile on my face that I can order groceries whenever, wherever. It’s a huge hassle saver since both myself and Mr. Man are currently carless.  True, we live less than a block from a Treasure Island grocery store, but that store is a budget buster.  They fully take advantage of being the only grocer in Hyde Park and hike up their prices.  So while it’s convenient to just walk up the street and grab stuff, it’s not exactly wallet friendly. Plus, I only grocery shop once a month, so lugging a month’s worth of groceries back to my apartment using my feet would not be a happy thing. Happiness is living in a world where I can order groceries in my pajamas and have them delivered.


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