Day 32: Back At It

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 11.41.13 PMToday I am back at it with classes at Northwestern.  Spring break is over and the quarter is starting for me.  There could potentially be a lot to grumble about this quarter; it is nothing like I had initially thought or planned.  I thought I would be starting my thesis, but for a myriad of reasons (which are now all -mostly- resolved) I’m not.  Instead I’m taking two classes, which I’m actually excited about.  Both are electives, a literature class that focuses on author Iris Murdoch and the question of ‘Can you have good without God,’ and also a travel writing course with one of my favorite nonfiction professors.  I’m glad I get a chance to take the travel writing class and wouldn’t have been able to if all my plans had fallen into place.  So that is a happy thing.   Both my classes are on the Evanston campus this quarter, which I simultaneously love and hate.  I love it because campus is really gorgeous and it means that I get a chance to walk around the lake and enjoy some coffee before class.  I hate it because I live about 20 miles south of Evanston and it is a looong commute.   And yes, going back to classes is a happy thing for me.  I love being in school.  I don’t love the stress that comes with it, but I just love being in the classroom and, as nice as it can be to just do nothing and relax, I always find myself missing the structure and sense of purpose that accompanies academia.  So here’s to being back at it this quarter.


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