Day 31: Julep Maven Unboxing

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.38.38 PMToday I got my April Julep Maven box in the mail.  Subscription boxes are all the rage, especially beauty and lifestyle boxes.  I’m completely on the bandwagon and have four (!) subscription boxes that I get each month: Birchbox, Ipsy, Graze, and Julep.  Julep is the most expensive, coming in at $20 a month, but it has some definite perks.  Julep is a high-end nail polish brand that specializes in “4-free” polishes.  That means that their polishes are all free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, and DBP.  The Maven box is basically box that comes with either 2 limited edition nail polishes and a makeup product or tool, or 3 limited edition nail polishes.  They also offer monthly add-on specials, which are discounted colors you can add to your box for $4.99 extra, or 750 Jules (that’s why there are 4 polishes in the picture above).  Jules are Juleps reward points system and you earn Jules by referring people or just by taking your monthly box.  One thing I love about Julep is that you can skip a month or multiple months and not be penalized.  That means that if  you don’t like any of the products they are offering one month, you don’t have to pay for them.  On the 20th of each month, you get an e-mail saying that the Maven selection window is open and you can view that month’s colors and products and decide if you want them or not.  I didn’t like any of the colors in the March box, so I skipped it with no problems and no charge.

Another plus is that you get to pick the colors you want.  When you sign up for Julep you take a beauty quiz that sorts you into one of five style profiles: Classic with a Twist, It Girl, Bombshell, Boho Glam, or Modern Beauty.  You aren’t tied to those categories though.  When the selection window opens, you can see what products are being offered for each style profile.  Let’s say you got sorted into Boho Glam, but the polishes in Bombshell look more your speed.  You can opt to get the Bombshell box that month instead.  Julep is really customizable, which adds to the value for me.  It’s already a great deal at $20 a month, since each polish retails for around $15 and you get at least two.  Plus, Julep will give you your first box free.  All you have to do is pay $4 shipping and handling (which is included in your $20 monthly fee, if you opt to join).

So on to my box! My style profile is the “It Girl” box, which means I get 3 polishes in each box.  This month I also cashed in some Jules to get a 4th polish.  The theme of the April box is “Vivid Collection,” and all the colors are really bright and vibrant, great for transitioning to spring.  Here are the colors I got:

Maren: This is the hot pink color on the far left in the picture.  It’s a kind of sheer, iridescent hot pink.  It’s also got hints of blue and purple shimmer, depending on what type of light you get it in.  It is very reminiscent of bubble gum or cotton candy.
Bailey: This is the blue color.  It’s a really rich royal blue.  It’s somewhat sheer, but the color is surprisingly vibrant and bright and it has a creamy finish.
Flora: This is the deep orchid / magenta color on the far right.  Julep calls the color “dragonfruit.” It has a really shimmery finishes with some hints of blue mixed in.  Like Maren, it’s a more iridescent, sheer color.
Felicia: This is the minty green color with the silver lid.  This was my add-on, so it didn’t come standard with the other three colors.  It’s a really creamy mint color with specks of black glitter.  It reminds me of speckled eggs for some reason.  I got this one because I love the minty color, but sometimes mints and pastels can look a little washed out.  The black flecks really spice it up and give it some unexpected edge.


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